P1050801P1050800  P1050805 P1050808 P1050818Only two more weeks until our vacation starts!

In the meantime, since the weather here keeps being absolutely fantastic, we are making the most of our weekends. This one spent with Moster Anna and Jacob yesterday, and a beach trip today. Our first beach outing this year, and the first time at the beach in Nivå – which is only a 15 min drive away and was family friendly (very shallow water) and not too crowded. We’ll definitely be back :)


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Mushroom fun

P1050752 P1050757 P1050771

With the beautiful Danish summer weather running full steam, nobody wants to spend time inside. Today, a pretty ridiculous looking mushroom pool entered the arena and most of our afternoon was spent with various sorts of water play.

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Us through Nelson’s many lenses

_DSC2465_DSC2199 _DSC2202 _DSC2203 _DSC2269 _DSC2281 _DSC2289 IMG_7001 _DSC2313 _DSC2320 _DSC2341 _DSC2344 _DSC2372 _DSC2415 _DSC2426 _DSC2432 _DSC2435  _DSC2594It is no secret that Farfar takes a lot of pictures.


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A day at the Zoo and tired, (jet lagged) grandparents

P1050729 P1050716 P1050721 P1050708 P1050725 P1050728

Farfar and Sandy are here.

They arrived Thursday and yesterday we spent a gloriously sunny day at the Zoo. We got lucky with the timing a few times and got to see a lot of animals up close and active (polar bears, elephants, tigers). And Savannah finally got to see living giraffes – her all time favorite animal (“The giraffes on the bus go ouch my head, ouch my head, ouch my head…” – you get the idea)

Xander and Savannah were pretty wiped out after this exciting day, as were the (jet lagged) grandparents (who needed an entire day off from our company to recoup :) )

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Soccer, soccer everywhere

P1050643 P1050658 P1050666 P1050671 P1050676 P1050648 P1050623

Soccer has become Xander’s favorite activity (to the point where he’d rather go kick a ball around outside than play Skylander on the PS3!). After a couple of trial practices with the local club, we all joined him for the final practice of the season and documented the chaotic fun of five year olds kicking balls around. Savannah was an eager cheerleader, and since then the fun has continued at home.

The World Cup has brought Lionel Messi and Argentina into Xander’s world and there is no doubt who he will be cheering for in tonight’s finale against Germany and Argentina.

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My workout buddies

P1050700 P1050701

After apparently forgetting about knowing how to ride a bike, which resulted in Xander refusing to ride anything but his balance bike for a very long time, we finally convinced him to get back on the “real” bike and give it a try. Much to his own surprise, he instantly remembered how to work it and I spent a good while chasing him up and down the local shopping street. Savannah wanted to join the fun and quickly realized that the baby jogger was the place to be during these workouts. (She now climbs into the stroller as soon as she sees Xander reach for his bike helmet).

Since that first day, we have expanded our repertoire to include lakeside riding and duck (or greedy swans) feeding – and I have learned to wear proper running shoes in order to keep up with my little cyclist.

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Rewarding science

Budapest 2014 8Budapest 2014 6 Budapest 2014 9 IMG_5650 IMG_5641 DSC_0676P1050626

Gave my first oral presentation at a conference at the IPC2014 in Budapest, squeezed in a tiny bit of sightseeing, and was honored to receive the Young Scientist Award (plus some Euros for our upcoming summer vacation).

Not usually a huge fan of the networking that conference trips bring, I have to say giving an oral presentation made a tremendous difference compared to contributing with a poster. The feedback and interest was overwhelming and wonderful.

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Sun and sand

P1050609 P1050607

Summer on the rooftop.

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Lots of running

P1050565 P1050569 P1050572 P1050576 P1050580 P1050581 P1050587 P1050592 P1050595

Xander and Morfar ran in the final round of a kids’ orienteering event today, and the rest of us joined as a cheering squad (Savannah got clapping down).

Mor, Morfar, and Moster Anna ran in an adults’ orienteering event tonight – we are truly a family of map nerds :)

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Looks like we are staying in Denmark (or at least Scandinavia) for another couple of years


LU for Lund University – who offered Chris a 2 year post doc position!

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